Served with fattoush salad.

Serves 2- 4 as a main course

Preparation & Plating

1 Ovation oyster shoulder
Chermoula paste mix
Chermoula crust mix
Fattoush salad


  1. Rub the oyster shoulder with a small amount of chermoula spice mix and generously season with salt. Vacuum seal and cook in a water bath at 80ºC for 7½ hours, then chill and hold until required.
  2. To serve remove the cooked shoulder from the bag and liberally coat with the chermoula crust.
  3. Place into the oven, (I prefer to use a wood fired pizza oven) and bake for 30-40 minutes until the shoulder is fully reheated. Ideally 70ºC. Use a temperature probe if available.
  4. Serve either whole or carved with fattoush salad.

Chermoula paste mix

25g cumin seeds – toasted
10g coriander seeds – lightly toasted
15g smoked paprika dulce (sweet pepper)
10g ground ginger
2 garlic cloves – peeled & chopped
2 mild long red chilies – deseeded & chopped
80ml quality olive oil
2 lemons – juice only
½ tsp fresh milled black pepper
½ tsp salt


Blend together well and keep chilled until required.

Chermoula crust

120ml quality olive oil
¼ cup cilantro – finely sliced
½ cup flat leaf parsley – finely sliced
1 whole preserved lemon skin – finely diced
1 Tbsp chermoula spice mix
1 egg white
1 salt


Combine all ingredients together & keep chilled until required.

Fattoush salad

4 flat bread or pita – cut and toasted
4 ripe tomatoes – chopped
2 bell peppers – roasted, peeled and chopped
4 small radish – sliced
¼ red onion – peeled and sliced
1 large lemon – juice only
½ preserved lemon – rind only & cut into thin strips
½ cup flat leaf parsley
¼ cup mint
¼ cup chives
¼ cup EV olive oil
1 Tbsp sumac
Salt to taste


Gently combine all the ingredients together and hold for serving.