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Hind shanks are always removed by a clean knife cut directly through the stifle or knee joint to avoid any chance of small bone fragments should they be removed by saw.

The hind shank is meatier than the fore shank and the popularity of these grew as an alternative to the German Swine Haxen (pork shanks) that are so popular, especially with a cold beer or nice red wine.

A really suitable product for so many different cuisines from Indian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or European with the simple addition of your favourite seasoning.

Cooking Tips

To get the best out of lamb shanks be sure to sear first in a very hot pan until they are brown all over to intensify the flavour of the final dish.

Best cooked low and slow in a slow-cooker or casserole style with your favourite vegetables, herbs or stock to bring even further flavour. This way the meat will be moist and succulent and just fall off the bone.

Specification Details

Portion weight: 350-400gms / 12-14oz
Portions per vac pack: 2
Vac packs per inner carton: 6
Vac packs per outer carton: 12
Portions per outer carton: 24


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